How do I operate the Spa Pool?

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There are full instructions for operating the spa on the back door of Kanangla.

The first thing to note, however, is that the cover has a lock and all four locks must be opened using the small plastic key that is located with the house keys in the key lock. The key turns 90 degrees anti-clockwise to unlock and clockwise to lock.

Once the locks are open then you can press the button on each lock while extracting the strap buckle from the lock.

The cover has a ‘lifter’ to safely remove the cover and stow it away. It is self explanatory. You simply fold back to front half of the cover onto to rear half and then push the cover out of the way (it stows at the back of the spa)

The spa ‘should’ be on but if it is switched off then flick the switch on the side of the spa pool. The spa will go through a priming routine.

After a few minutes the spa should have completed its priming cycle and will start heating to the set temperature.

Please refer to the detailed instructions below to adjust temperature etc.

Spa Pool Control Panel Operating Instructions


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